Customer reviews
Customer reviews
So far I have tried this once. Left for the 6 mins max as recommended and no burning or having to dip the crown Jewells into a jug of ice water as I expected to do. Test a small area first but although that skin down there is sensitive to say the least no screaming in pain running around the house with the neighbours thinking you're being slaugtered. This worked far better than I ever expected and 3 days on no stubble so will definitely buy again.
— Jase Fowler, UK on 14 August 2023
Worked better than I ever expected
Customer reviews
Wow what an amazing hair removal cream. First time using and all I can say is fantastic. No irritation, no rash, Just follow the instructions and everything is good. Will definitely buy again!
— Terry, UK on 5 October 2022
Customer reviews
Work involves a lot of physical activity so tend to sweat a lot. Really helped keep me dry down below and other parts of my body where needed. I’d buy again
— Marvin A., UK on 8 July 2023
Very useful!
Customer reviews
Very good wax strips for removing male body hair. I have tried strips of this type from different brands, and the truth is that for now these are the ones that have given me the best results. They have removed a lot of hair in each pass, without having to redo the same places several times.
— Carlos, Spain on 3 July 2022
Excellent waxing for men
Customer reviews
I am completely satisfied with these tweezers. High-quality look and design, it fits very well in the hand and precisely grips individual hairs. I've never finished plucking eyebrows so quickly before!
— Nedelm4, Germany on 12 February 2023
Highly recommended
Customer reviews
My husband has lots of tattoo’s and usually uses a well known brand, or shaves but has always complained about his tattoo’s not being as sharp as he’d like. This hair removal cream is great - it does what it’s supposed to (removes hair) and intensely moisturises the skin which in turn make his tattoo’s pop. He’s happy and will continue to purchase this from now on.
— Mrs Barker, UK on 1 September 2023
Better than the better well known brand